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Expore, Discuss, Share

Sessions are facilitated conversations hosted some of the leading researchers in our field.  They aim to engage everyone in conversation and productive exchange.

All sessions, including a special session on submitting articles to the Journal of Jewish Education will be held on Zoom.

Links to the zoom events are posted on the Schedule page and our Discord server (to join the server, click here).  Register for access

Session 1

Hosts: Jonathan Krasner and Sivan Zakai (co-editors of the Journal of Jewish Education)

Wednesday, June 1

9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT

The Journal of Jewish Education​

Are you interested in publishing in the Journal of Jewish Education? Do you have research or a paper that you would like share with a wider audience in a peer-reviewed journal?  Come to this special session dedicated to demystifying the process for submitting and publishing in the longest running research journals dedicated to Jewish topics.

Download the presentation slides here.

Session 2

Host: Arielle Levites

Thursday, June 2

9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT

Implications of the JOCI Research Study for Jewish Education

Our discussion will focus on key findings from the recent Jews of Color Initiative (JOCI) study, "Beyond the Count: Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Jews of Color."  We will focus on implications for researchers and practitioners in Jewish education. Panelists to include Drs. Gage Gorsky and Analucia Lopezrevoredo.

Watch the recording here.

Session 3

Host: Arielle Levites
Friday, June 3
9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT
Mapquest: Mapping Research Production, Use, and Circulation in Jewish Education

Let's make a map together! Want to model how research-based evidence moves in Jewish education? Help create a collaborative map of the players and processes.

Watch the recording here.

Session 4

Host: Mijal Bitton

Tuesday, June 7

7:00am PDT / 10:00am EDT

How one Sephardic Community Educates

This session will focus on one particular Syrian Sephardic community in New York and the many systems which its members utilize for communal education. We will interrogate whether some of the categories most often used in the research of American Jews and education (such as Jewish identity) are appropriate to understand this population and what some other alternatives might be. The session will conclude with some shared brainstorming as to what Jewish education practitioners in majority-Ashkenazi spaces can do to be more inclusive of Sephardic students.

Watch the recording here.

Session 5

Host: Ilana Horwitz

Wednesday, June 15

10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT

Why are Jewish men dropping out of college?

Over the past few decades, women’s rates of bachelor’s degree attainment have skyrocketed. Whereas only 43 percent of women ages 65+ completed college, 72 percent of women ages 30-49 have done so. However, men’s rates of educational attainment are now falling. Men ages 30-49 are just 5 percentage points more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than men 65+ (63% vs 58%, respectively), while women ages 30-49 are 29 percentage points more likely to earn a bachelor’s than women 65+. The same trend is true when we look at rates of graduate degree completion. In this conversation, we will brainstorm ideas about why Jewish men appear to be struggling.

Due to low attendance this meeting was not recorded.

Session 6

Host: Moshe Krakowski

Sunday, June 19

9:00am PDT / 12:00am EDT

New Models of Jewish Day School Education - Impact on Identity


This conversation aims to examine a range of new approaches to Jewish day school education and their potential impact on the types of Jewish identities students develop.

Watch the recording here.

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