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Network for Research in Jewish Education

Conference 2022

This year's conference is free and open to everyone, NRJE members and non-members alike.  Please register to take full advantage of conference offerings and opportunities.  


Conference overview

June 1 - June 21, 2022


This year, we have an opportunity to try a new format for the NRJE conference.


Based on the limitations presented by yet another COVID year we decided to take a different approach moving us beyond Zoom meetings (meant to look like conference rooms) and extend the conference beyond its usual one to two days. 

We want to take the name of our Network seriously.

That means thinking and working beyond the conference to provide extended opportunities to engage, learn, connect, explore and collaborate.
As such, we are offering four ways to connect: 

Four ways to engage

A series of podcasts with leading thinkers in Jewish education about some of the pressing issues of the moment.  Hosted by Josh Krug and available whenever you wish to listen.
Facilitated conversations by leaders in the field of research, exploring current topics, pressing concerns and big questions.
Want to connect around issues important to you?  Start or join a channel on our Discord server.
Opening and closing this year's conference are two events featuring perspectives from the cutting edge of educational research.  Also: news about the Network, awards, and other announcements.
four ways

For access to everything, please register by clicking here.

Links to all Zoom events are posted on the Schedule page and our Discord server (to join the server, click here). 

To become a member of the NRJE, please follow this link.  Annual membership includes a subscription to the Journal of Jewish Education with digital access to the whole run of the Journal dating back to 1929

Our Partners

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